JCM Dropship Network rogue Internet pharmacies added to database

LegitScript just added a small rogue Internet pharmacy network to our database that we refer to as the “JCM Dropshop Rogue Internet pharmacy network.” Consisting of about a dozen websites, the network has been designated as “rogue” by LegitScript because they fail to comply with basic drug safety protections put in place to protect the health and safety of customers.

Our initial review indicates that the 12 or so websites in the JCM Dropship Network are:

  • buybimat.com
  • buycareprost.com
  • buypoxet.com
  • buystieva.com
  • jcmdropship.com
  • jcmpharmacy.com
  • nonprofitbirthcontrol.com
  • nonprofitbirthcontrol.org
  • spforce.com
  • unbrandedsildenafil.com
  • unbrandedtadalafil.com
  • rxcreams.com

Among the problems with this network: the sale of prescription medications without a prescription; the sale of unapproved drugs; specific steps taken by the network to bypass drug safety protocols; and the failure to obtain and maintain required pharmacy licenses as required by applicable laws and regulations. LegitScript urges Internet users to avoid these websites.

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