ASOP Accepting Internet Pharmacy Safety Award Nominations

The Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies, a non-profit that LegitScript serves on the board of and helped found, is accepting nominations for Internet pharmacy safety. The idea is to recognize the good work that a variety of companies in the … Continue reading

LegitScript’s State of the Internet Rx Market Illuminates Challenges, Opportunities

LegitScript’s mission is to leave the Internet better than we found it, by helping make it safer, more transparent, and more independent. Much of what we do is in the online healthcare space, where we try to make the Internet … Continue reading


Download the English report. 日本語のレポートはこちらからダウンロードできます。 弊社レジットスクリプトは公共の安全を守る世界規模の活動として、ドメイン名レジストラに無規制で危険な医薬品を販売するサイバー犯罪を行うウェブサイトを閉鎖するように要請を行っています。ウェブサイトにドメイン名を提供する「ドメイン名レジストラ会社」は世界に約千社ほど存在します。その大多数は弊社が通知する不正インターネット薬局ウェブサイトを積極的に閉鎖し、インターネットの安全性を高める事に貢献しています。 しかしながら、少数のレジストラは、危険な医薬品を販売するウェブサイトを閉鎖しません。

LegitScript Issues Report on GMO Internet and its Relationship with Illegal Online Drug Marketers

Download the English report. 日本語のレポートはここです。 LegitScript seeks to help protect public health on a global scale by notifying domain name registrars about cybercriminals selling unregulated, often unsafe medicines. Most of the world’s ~1,000 domain name registrars terminate services to these … Continue reading

Registrar Gransy, Confused About What a “Blog” Is, Still Too Close to Online Criminals

Czech Republic-based Gransy, a registrar previously identified as being in our top tier of registrars friendly to pharmaceutical-related cybercrime, has made some progress, but is still allowing a back door to online criminals engaged in the illegal sale of substandard … Continue reading

LegitScript’s Internet pharmacy certification program will become a paid one in 2016. Here’s why.

LegitScript’s Internet pharmacy certification program, which has been available to pharmacies for free since 2008, will transition to being a paid program in January 2016. This blog explains why we’re making that change. In essence, the reason is pretty simple: … Continue reading

Over 70 “natural” supplements contain ingredient invented by Soviet scientists during the Cold War #YIKES

In late October, Oregon’s attorney general filed suit against GNC for knowingly selling dietary supplements that contain the impermissible supplement ingredients picamilon (aka pikatropin) and beta-methylphenethylamine (better known as BMPEA). LegitScript covered the dangers of BMPEA in a blog post … Continue reading

Chinese Registrar BizCN Taking Stand Against Dangerous Fake Drug Sites

As we’ve noted before, rogue Internet pharmacies put a premium on finding a registrar who will provide them safe haven. Failing that, they’ll attempt to trick their registrar into believing that the Internet pharmacies aren’t doing anything wrong — or, … Continue reading

LegitScript Named one of “Top 100 Workplaces” in Oregon, Southwest Washington by Oregonian

I’m proud to report that LegitScript has been named one of the Top 100 Workplaces in Oregon and SW Washington, based on employee surveys. Continue reading

Final Verdict in Drug Sales Scheme — Case Closed?

Last Wednesday, the Department of Justice announced that Lena Lasher, one of the two pharmacists involved in a multimillion-dollar Internet pharmacy drug scheme we wrote about earlier, has been sentenced to three years in prison. Lasher was one of the … Continue reading