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Holy Protein Shakes! (Part II) How rogue domain name resellers, fake merchants and high-risk acquirers collaborate

Our most recent post showed how rogue Internet pharmacies like use seemingly innocuous websites like to process customer payments. Our blog concluded by identifying name server as a “anchor” website apparently dedicated to the illicit activity, and noted … Continue reading

Holy Protein Shakes! (Part I) How rogue domain name resellers, fake merchants and high-risk acquirers collaborate

Ah, those pesky rogue protein shake merchants … at it once again! Rogue Internet pharmacy operators go to great lengths to conceal their activities from search engine advertising programs, domain name registrars, and even the banks they do business with. … Continue reading

LegitScript identifies new illicit Internet pharmacy networks

Reviewing online pharmacies with shared characteristics and website management, LegitScript recently uncovered several new Internet pharmacy networks that are not complying with basic drug safety protections. We do not recommend websites in the networks listed below, all of which are … Continue reading

Top 10 Rogue Registrars (August 2013)

Our latest available data for the domain name registrars that sponsor rogue Internet pharmacies shows only some shuffling of the usual suspects, with no new companies making the Top 10. Most notably this month, Japanese registrar Onamae/GMO Internet continues its … Continue reading

Get to know LegitScript in 37signals’ Bootstrapped blog series

If you’ve ever wondered who we are and how we work — and what our office mascot, Parker, looks like — check out this new article from Signal vs. Noise. For its series Bootstrapped, Profitable & Proud, 37signals profiled LegitScript … Continue reading

New Internet pharmacy findings in NABP report: falsified VIPPS accreditations, fake medicines

A recent report from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy outlines the deceptive practices of the majority of Internet pharmacies in the online healthcare marketplace. After reviewing 10,533 pharmacy websites over the last quarter, NABP found that a number … Continue reading

Rogues and Registrars: Top 10 List (July 2013)

If you’ve been following our monthly updates on the “safe haven” domain name registrars where rogue Internet pharmacies cluster, you’ll recognize all of the companies on the list below. Although our most recent data shows slight changes in the rankings of … Continue reading

Find LegitScript on Twitter to report suspicious Internet pharmacies

We recently added a handful of rogue Internet pharmacy domain names to our database after a tip from a Twitter user. All the websites reported to us are being linked to from a hijacked law firm website and have .pl … Continue reading

LegitScript takes down rogue network RxProfits

Over the past several weeks, LegitScript has effectively disabled the rogue Internet pharmacy network RxProfits, also known as DirectNet Partners. We shut down more than 80 RxProfits websites, most crucially the “anchor” websites, and, which domain name … Continue reading

Rogues and Registrars: Top 10 List (June 2013)

Rogue Internet pharmacies continue to cluster at the same handful of domain name registrars that provide a safe haven for their criminal activity. According to the latest data available, the registrars in our current Top 10 provide registration services for … Continue reading